How to organise your wedding - Part 2/6

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

As Nottinghamshire’s most popular wedding venue it seemed like a good idea to share some of our insight from the hundreds of weddings hosted at Woodborough Hall over the years.

Creating the perfect wedding takes planning and so what follows in the next few weeks is our six-part guide on what to do and what we do leading up to your day and making the most of those plans on the day to enjoy it to the maximum and get every detail right!

Part 2 – Planning in the year before your day!

♥ At just over twelve months out, you tend to have your first ‘details’ meeting. This is when you have the opportunity to come in and have a taster of the menu you are looking to choose and perhaps some of the options. You will be deciding on your drinks for the reception, on the table with the meal and what you would like for the toast. We can help match food and drink pairings. Our aim with reception drinks is generally something long and refreshing, like a pimms or gin and tonic and not too alcoholic, it’s a long day so don’t start too early! With wine and toast drinks if you have them, we always suggest something light like a Pinot Grigio for the white and a softer fruitier red, like a merlot or Malbec, it is however your day so do let the venue know your preferences.

Photo credit: Mark Tattersall

♥ If you haven’t already, this is the time to book your florist, book your musicians or DJ and any other entertainment to make your day memorable and special to you. You will be looking to order wedding stationary and rings as well as the cake. Popular currently is multiple types of filling for each tier so your guests have a choice on the day.

♥ In the details meeting we will also be looking to finalise your colour scheme and theme along with any décor requirements and identify anything that needs advanced arrangement. As you approach six months you will be sending out the wedding invitation proper and don’t forget to ask if any guests have special dietary requirements.

♥ At this point you also want to be booking your hairdresser and beautician for make-up and deciding if they will attend at the venue or home and if at home any car to bring you to the ceremony. Also order your table décor, favours and the chair covers, sashes and any swaging and don’t forget to let the venue if there are themed runners so they don’t pre-lay ahead of the décor company putting down table runners.

Hope you find this helpful and Part 3 looking at the months leading up to your wedding day coming soon, in the meantime we are happy to answer any questions you might have based on our experience in the lead up to your day. Just get in touch!

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