Head Chef: 
Our Head Chef Des Sweeney has worked from being a chef to the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace to Chef Saucier at The House of Lords. Des has also plied his talents at the Michelin starred 'Capital Hotel' in Knightsbridge and worked locally here as Head Chef at Punchinello’s, Nottingham’s oldest restaurant for five years. 
Passing on his wisdom and experience of the dining trade, Des is passionate to assist in the development of new apprentices within his trade. Over the past 6 years, working alongside New College Nottingham, he has successfully assisted in the training of over 15 apprentices, some of whom have now also become Head Chefs in their own right. 
Winning a variety of awards to include East Midlands apprenticeship 2007 Employer Award, Runner Up Newcomer Of The Year Award – Metro, 3 Nominated Star Awards and have been nominated for Apprentice Of The Year – Young Chef finalist 2007. 
If you would like the opportunity to experience at first hand some of Des’s tricks of the trade whilst creating a 3 course meal that you can copy at home, then why not join our cookery school (please refer to our events page for further details). 
Dining Opening Times: 
Breakfast : Open to non-residents from 7:30 to 9:00AM  
Tea & Coffee from 9:30 onwards : Enjoy the finest Bei and Nannini coffee, or “Mighty Leaf” tea, accompanied by our delicious Pastries & Cookies if you wish. 
Lunches :  
Brasserie Menu - 12 PM to 10 PM 
Sunday Lunch - 12 PM to 3 PM  
Afternoon Tea : served from 3PM to 6PM 
Served in our relaxing Orangery – why not add a little sparkle of champagne! 
Dinner - 7 PM to 10 PM 
image of succulent beef dish with sauce
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